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Diver Classes

Why take class?

Take class to learn all signs correctly from a trained instructor. Receive a BC tag which identifies you as a certified SeaSigner. Possibly meet people with whom you can sign while diving.

Class is fun, easy, and can be taken almost any time.

People comment how fun and easy the class is. The classroom part of the Safety Signing Diver class requires about 4 hours classroom time to learn all 110 signs - if students have prepared by watching the video.

Water work required will depend on the certifying agency.

Once you pass the final classroom exam you will receive a tag to put on your BC to indicate to others that you are a SeaSigner. Current regulations by agency for receiving their certification card are as follows:

  • HSA - take from one of other agencies.
  • IAHD - one pool session.
  • PADI – one pool session.
  • NASE - one pool session.
  • NAUI - no water work for recognition or 2 open water dives for certification.
  • SDI - one pool session.
  • SSI - no water work or one pool session, or 2 open water dives to count toward advanced certification.
  • YMCA - one pool session.
  • SeaSigns - no water work, just BC tag awarded, no certification card.

Take classes almost anywhere.

  • Ask your local dive shop
  • Click on Links Page for the names of instructors in your area or ones that give the class by webcam anywhere a high speed internet connection is available.

Get more information about the materials and/or class.

Click on Request Information for a free intro CD and info on SeaSigns materials and diver class.







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